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ECI 2.0 - European Competence Initiative - Early Childhood Intervention
Skill training to Empower Teachers, Health Professionals and Social Workers
Up till 6% of pre-school children in EU27 are affected by significant developmental threats, due to disability or social disadvantage.

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) provides preventive services in teams to children and parents.

For you as an expert / professional working in ECI, ECI2.0 project offers to you the following:
  • Ready to take ECI training materials ("Modules") developed / assembled by the project
  • An open collection of training materials that can be shared among all professionals ("Resource Pool")
    and Live courses / classes ("E-Learning Platform")
  • (Self) Assessment of your training portfolio ("Assessment Instrument")
  • and also the possibility to raise questions via E-mail to our ECI experts.



  Your Contact Person:

Prof. Manfred Pretis PhD, psychologist, special educator.

Professor for interdisciplnary early childhood intervention at University of applied sciences / Medical School Hamburg .

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